September 18 Max Barskih in the Odessa muzkomedia theater

Max Barskikh is the most touring and rotated on the radio stations of the CIS artist on the basis of 2017 results.

Hits “Fog” and “My Love”, according to the media portal TopHit, has been played on the radio stations almost 2 million times. In the same year, the artist gave over 250 shows in 15 countries on three continents.

Max Barskih is the holder of prestigious international awards in the field of popular music, including MTV EMA, MUZ-TV, RU TV, Golden Gramophone of Russian Radio, and “Major League” of the New Radio.

In 2013, the single Max Barskih “I’m Aching For You / I Wanna Run” became the official soundtrack to the commercial PEPSI.  On the artist’s account, collaboration with the French-Canadian star Lara Fabian in the framework of the music project “Mademoiselle Zhivago”, director Alan Badoev, music of Igor Krutoy.

In 2018, the artist started a world tour, while he visited USA and Canada with concerts at first. Next in turn will be Germany, Great Britain, the Baltic countries, the CIS and, of course, native Ukraine.

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