August 29 “Kvartal-95” at “Morvokzal” hall

August 29 in the summer theater “Morvokzal” a bomb called studio “Kvartal-95” will explode. The radius of destruction of ridiculous fragments is unlimited. It will touch everyone. The main thing is to come and stay strong (do not burst with laughter)!

A new exclusive program of artists is just ready. Fresh jokes, funny parodies, sharp reprises and the most urgent topics – the new show will be shown at first in Odessa.

There is no person in our country today who does not know the “Kvartal” team. For many years now, artists have been collecting sold out at every performance. Their concerts are expected not less than their own salary: to laugh with pleasure, with a smile to look at the problems around us is useful to everyone. A first-class humor of brilliant humorists, like a good wine, is getting better from year to year and attracts more and more people into the army of fans.

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