August 24 Nastya Kamenskyh in ITAKA, Arcadia

A talented singer, emotional artist, judge and mentor of the popular project “X-Factor” and the sex symbol of the contemporary stage Nastya Kamenskyh prescribed a new chapter in her work. Now millions of fans are delighted to meet bright and emotional actress in a new stage image.

NK is a new stage name of Nastya Kamenskyh. In this role it is ready to conquer new peaks, to give fans even more joy and positive. The basic principles for NK are to blast the country’s dance floors, radiate life-affirming energy, set the rhythm of modern youth.
“This night is mine” – the first video of Nastya Kamenskyh in the solo project. The director is titled and creative Alan Badoev. Night is Nastya’s favorite time, as she admits. In the video, she is a stubborn Cuban babe. Such an image is not accidental: Nastya Kamenskyh is always credited with foreign roots. And in this work the singer appeared as she is seen by many fans.

See you on the Black Sea coast!

/ Source: https://concert.ua/en/event/nastja-kamenskih-odessa/

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