August 20 concert of Pianoboy in the Green Theater

By numerous demands, PIANOBOY is again in Odessa this summer, with a big solo concert on BIS!  PIANOBOY is an example of modern Ukrainian music, whose creativity is loved by both teenagers and their parents. This is not an art house or “elite art” – this is real pop music as it is understood in London and New York: mass cult for the public burdened by intellect, loving the fun of rock festivals and close emotional contact chamber concerts. In a word -he is an indicator of taste, “pop’s healthy man.”

Thin and hit material PIANOBOY is decorated in a good concert “packaging”: a full-fledged “live” musicians,  managing to sing and play alternately on several instruments each. The band creates a sophisticated rock and roll drive on the stage – such a “chad and frenzy of revelry” in the conservatory’s dormitory, an emotional swing that carries the listener from thoughtful sadness to life-affirming joy.

/ Source: https://concert.ua/en/event/pianoboy-odessa/

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